The JuniorTray is a further development of the existing Tray- and BlissFormers supplied by Verpama. A mid-sized alternative to the large machines, thanks to its excellent price-performance ratio.


Surprisingly small, big on performance

The JuniorTray features established technology and the same processes as the large machines, but is significantly smaller in dimensions and thus more flexible in use and cheaper to acquire. The automatic and compact JuniorTray takes a flat cardboard cutout, erects it into a box and sticks it together with hot glue. There is no limit to the box design or to the number of different boxes it can produce.


Also a safe investment when rented

Investing in a Verpama JuniorTray is always worth it – even on a rental basis. Use this option for alleviating short-term bottle-necks or for seasonal use.


Pure electric version

Another absolutely exclusive option available from the JuniorTray: it is available in a pure electric version. This makes it not only more flexible in terms of positioning – with no need to be next to an air pressure supply – but also more cost-efficient since air pressure costs are saved.


Advantages of the JuniorTray:

  • Excellent price-performance ratio for small and mid-sized cardboard boxes
  • Compact, therefore space-saving
  • Flexible use
  • Up to 50 boxes a minute
  • Pure electric option available
  • Vertical processing
  • Optimal production time leading to cost savings
  • Easy maintenance
  • Touch panel control
  • Stacking bars available