Autonomy and ergonomics


Autonomous production means more flexibility for dealing with other work simultaneously. This principle, along with our determination to focus on the needs of our customers, is taken into consideration when designing and building our machines and can be seen by the corresponding operating autonomy and low failure rate. We are not resting on our laurels, rather, it is our stated objective to further increase the autonomous production time of our TRAY- and BLISS-Formers.


A workstation which is ergonomically set up correctly produces job satisfaction, reduces absence through sickness and increases productivity. Being aware of this principle, Verpama is constantly taking measures for improvement by making its TRAY- and BLISS-Formers more ergonomic and user friendly. While keeping in mind functionality, we are trying to create working and operating conditions which are appropriate for people to work under when working on our machines. Our customers' needs also play a part in the production of our machines since we take into account the products to be manufactured by our client and his technical resources as much as possible during machine development. This enables us to manufacture TRAY- and BLISS-Formers which are convenient and easy to use with intuitively understandable operating symbols to ensure efficient and reliable workmanship.


Occupational safety – a key word for Verpama machines.

The safety equipment on Verpama machines is constantly under review in close collaboration with the relevant security engineers.