Verpama SWF BlissFormer

The BlissFormer is an ideal starting point of a final packaging line and a good way to increase output. Numerous international customers and corporate groups from the food, pharmaceutical and publishing industry, as well as the mail order business are relying on this technology which has been well known over decades. The extremely compact, automatic BlissFormer erects boxes from one body and two side blanks and then glues them with hot melt. The box design as well as the number of different boxes are almost unlimited.


Two basic models “Classic” and “LM”
Besides the well-known “Classic” version, with loading via stairs, there is the “LM” version which was developed in response to market needs – this machine can be loaded from the ground. Here, the loading capacity is increased by about 70%. The “LM” can also be installed on existing Verpama SWF BlissFormers.


Autonomy & Ergonomics
In practice, the new “LM” version doubles or triples the system automation. Loading is more ergonomic and safety is also increased.


Security of investment – Hired and used machines
Investing in a Verpama SWF BlissFormer is always worthwhile, not only because of the long service life and stable demand for used and reconditioned machinery. Thus reconditioned machines are always available for remedying capacity problems in the short-term or for seasonal use.

Packaging development
When starting an investment, rethinking about the packaging concept might be worthwhile.
Therefore, Verpama collaborates with the customer to develop the most suitable packaging,
which can have a signifi cant impact on carton consumption and cost.


Advantages of BlissFormer:

  • Top performance with outstanding reliability
  • Small space requirement
  • Optimised cardboard consumption
  • Enormous flexibility of different box sizes
  • Technology proven over many years
  • Very fast format change
  • Loading and reloading without interruption of the production process
  • Easy to operate via touch panel
  • Large loading capacity for box blanks
  • Individual box design possible – such as folds, conical and stackable boxes etc.
  • Ideal for “Point-of-Sale” packaging