Strategy & Philosophy

Verpama today

Verpama AG is now a leading manufacturer of TRAY and BLISS formers in the international market. For the decades, the company has also become a major supplier of packaging lines, packaging machines and equipment, handling systems and packaging materials for the Swiss market.


Verpama intends to work together with its national and international customers to find the best packaging solutions in order to continue supporting and consolidating the economic efficiency of its customer with a technology which has been proven to be reliable over decades.

We give high priority to making continuous improvements and enhancements to our technologies and services and wish to do so in close collaboration with our customers. The constant optimisation of resource consumption and sustainability as well as the ergonomics of our technology are of great importance to us.

Combining our product range with the Verpama TRAY and BLISS Former range now makes it possible for us to undertake complete projects where the advantages of established standard components with special machines can be increased.