Countless possibilities for box forming

The shape of a box is essentially determined by the design and format. Amazing versatility in box manufacture – almost limitless possibilities with our TRAY and BLISS machines.

Maximum reliability

Maximum performance achieved with absolute reliability. Taking into account the customer’s need for dependability from his machines, Verpama produces precision formers which are robust and long lasting and carefully installs them in its machines to fit perfectly. Thus, Verpama ensures that boxes produced on the TRAY- and BLISS-Formers are always given the same shape and always glued in the same way.

Decades of experience

The experience behind SWF Machinery, SWF Pettenhofer and SWF Packaging Solutions AG is now incorporated into Verpama and continues to be developed further.

Extraordinary service life

High quality, durable materials, professional clean production facilities and conscientious commissioning enable our machines to provide very long, smooth, continuous operation under industrial conditions – the average service life of our machines is twenty years!

Low maintenance

Our machines and supplies are very reliable and largely low-maintenance. Important parts, such as the dispenser for the glue and the glue nozzles, should be regularly inspected to make sure they are operating properly and cleaned if necessary. In our instructions, we describe how to carry out these inspections and other maintenance tasks.

Solid construction / Minimum space requirement

Robustness you can rely on with minimum space requirements. Our machines are of high-quality, sturdy, welded steel construction with galvanised or powder-coated parts to give them a long service life and high utility value. The former itself is of aluminium construction for low inertia. Using both steel and aluminium in our machines means they are of relatively low weight and, due to their sophisticated compact design, they can be easily installed in small spaces from approx. 7 m2 or integrated into existing or new packaging lines.

High performance

Our box formers are built for continuous use and consistent performance with maximum availability over a long service life. Customising them to customer’s performance optimisations is normal.

Rapid resetting

Our machines are designed for rapid, safe resetting. Strategically placed, practical control levers and dials make for convenient, time saving and accurate resetting to other box formats and types, as well as any speed adjustments which may be necessary. Customer-specific pre-programmed formats also help to reduce the resetting times for format changeovers.

Proven industry standard

Since their launch decades ago, thousands of TRAY- and BLISS-Formers have been delivered to customers and installed. They are used for different boxes in many different industries throughout the world. Service lives of more than twenty years are not uncommon.

Cost optimisation by individual packaging

Trust our experienced engineers with your packaging needs. You will be amazed at the possible savings.

Point-of-sale packaging

Point-of-sale packaging is an effective way to present your products at the point of sale. It attracts attention, arouses your customers' interest and converts that interest into the real possibility of a purchase. The stability, low weight and ideal handling properties of this packaging will answer all your needs for a shelf-ready packaging solution. Our TRAY- and BLISS-Formers will enable you to manufacture these packaging solutions according to your specific requirements. We are your ideal partner for developing point-of-sale packaging solutions and are customer focused and capable of creative thinking; with years of experience in development and implementation and a proven track record in collaborating with top box manufacturers.